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The Critical Studies program is designed to teach you the fundamentals of visual media literacy in general and motion pictures/cinematic communication in particular. The courses focus on specific areas of cinematic history and their appreciation and analysis. Completion of the program increases the value of your technical, aesthetic, and professional skills in the field of entertainment.


All classes in the program have online options and all classes are UC and CSU transferable as well as generally transferable to almost all four-year universities.  The online classes especially offer a high level of flexibility as they are 100% online and new classes open every few weeks.  They also fulfill several different general education requirements for graduation and/or transfer.


Most of the classes also fulfill high school conditions for graduation such as the Visual Performing Arts requirement and often you can take a Critical Studies class in lieu of high school courses.   If you are currently a high school student you may also qualify for free tuition.  Please consult your high school for specifics.


Many of our students are currently attending a four-year university and they choose our Critical Studies classes due to our prominent academic reputation and incomparable cost saving.  If you are a California resident you can still take our classes while attending an out of state university and transfer the units which is highly popular.


A. Career Skills Certificate (12 units)

B. Certificate of Achievement (21 units)

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