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Associate of Science Degree Program in Cinema, Television, Radio

Saddleback CTVR TV Studio

The Associate of Science Degree program in Cinema-Television-Radio provides students with hands-on experience and a strong foundation upon which students will build their artistic talent and hone the practical skills to make their creative talent marketable and employable.

One of the main emphasis is on character building in the classrooms.  Students have to demonstrate excellent work ethic and show respect for each other. This collaborative environment engenders integrity, discipline, leadership, reliability, magnanimity and professionalism.  These life skills are applicable in any career path students may choose in the future, whether or not it is in the entertainment industry.

On this foundation, the Associate of Science Degree program in Cinema-Television-Radio sets three major goals.  First, we prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed for both entry-level and advanced employment in media production, including film/TV producing, directing, cinematography, video editing, production design, radio announcing and acting.  Next, we provide skill-upgrading in the areas mentioned above for working professionals in the media production industry. Finally, comprehensive programs in media production that help students excel in a competitive job market.

Total Required Major: 21 units (same as the Certificate of Achievement in each specialty)

GE Requirements: 39 units

Total: 60 units 

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