For more than 25 years, the Cinema program has been known for giving students hands-on, “real world” experience in the fields of visual storytelling, aesthetics, composition, directing, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, lighting, audio and editing. Teaching you the skills to thrive in the competitive film industry is our priority.

We use the latest technology, including Red Digital Cinema Cameras, Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere CC 2017. Saddleback offers a full set of filmmaking tools such as dollies, steadicams, and industry-standard lighting, camera, and audio packages. Our productions each year are featured in the Newport Beach Film Festival(link is external) and we consistently send our students to the top university film schools or place them in desirable internships and jobs.

The diverse curriculum allows you to experience each crew position so you can find what works for you and where your talent lies.  Every production crew functions as a team working in tandem to complete films.  There are no auteurs in our program.

Courses are designed to teach you the technical skill and discipline to succeed in the film industry.