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Book CTVR Facilities

1. You must be enrolled to one of the production classes at CTVR Department of Saddleback College to book CTVR Facilities.

2. You can book facilities as early as 10 days in advance and as short notice as 1 hour. 

3. All facilities can be used for in-class assignments only. Any side projects are not allowed. Staff can reach your professor to check the usage of the facility.

4. Absolutely NO FOOD or DRINKS allowed in Radio Labs, Editing Lab, and Studios. You are welcome to bring a bottle of water. We also, have a Canteen accessible outside of LRC building, there are some wending machines, tables and chairs.  

5. All facilities are wheelchair accessible.  

6. Classes have priority to book facilities with a short notice. Although we do our best to not do this, you will be notified as soon as possible if your booking is canceled.

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