The Television program provides you with hands-on experience and a strong foundation upon which to build your artistic talent. Video production has expanded incredibly in the last few years, providing opportunities in digital production, and video streaming for the internet. Our goal is to help you take the best elements of your talent and apply them to work in the industry.

The television courses offer you studies in basic and advanced production, producing, shooting and editing for Channel 39 and the opportunity to work in many formats of programming. Very few colleges will offer students an opportunity to produce on-air programming and receive broadcast credits and we encourage you to participate in the creation of the channel's programming.

Internships are also available as you become familiar with the program and find a specialty you enjoy working in. Mentoring, networking and interning are all basic elements of success you'll discover within the program. Our alumni list is a great example of how these elements, along with our core classes, will help you become a success in your field and someone who will contribute your own creativity to the industry - a new addition to the talent pool!

Our Basic Television Production class starts you off with an introduction to equipment operation, crew positions, pre-production, production and post-production.

Our 4-camera studio configuration allows you to shoot a variety of formats and the curriculum allows you to experience each crew position so you can find what works for you and where your talent lies.

Within the television program, you'll have opportunities to learn about pitching project ideas, producing, lighting, shooting, directing and much more. Our goal is to give our students access to state-of-the-art equipment, solid academics, a strong sense of aesthetics and interaction with industry professionals.