Screen Acting /Voice Performance

The Screen Acting and Voice-Over Performance Certificate program is a progressive and comprehensive training program that prepares students for the competitive Hollywood industry. The program, through lecture and practicum exercises, gives students the tools necessary to get jobs in film, television, radio and new media.

The program begins with the transition from theatre to the focal length of performance required on set, to collaboration with directors, to creating the psychology of a character, to audition to win (live or online), to creating industry-ready demo reels for submissions to Hollywood Talent and Management agencies and Online Casting Services and to creating original content and marketing your own brand.

Students will view their on-camera work every week and receive a detailed diagnostic covering the use of the actor’s craft, deconstructing obstacles and the technical requirements of the film, television and radio mediums.

Students will complete a demo reel and headshot, resume and cover letter package for each course.